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Check the best online casinos in Hong KongMacau is the world’s gambling capital, having bypassed Las Vegas back in 2007 with well over 30 casinos in both the city center and the Cotail Strip. It should come as no surprise that Hong Kongers are known far and wide as prolific gamblers. There are few things that we enjoy more than sitting at the tables at the casino and trying our luck against the house and other players, as the game demands. Online casinos bring that same excitement and rush of land-based casinos with many more games and payout percentages far superior to those you will experience at any land-based casino. Moreover, they offer players the convenience of being able to play on their PC wherever and whenever they wish. Below is a list of the very best Hong Kong online casino sites.

Established in 2004, Casinophiles has since developed a reputation in the online casino industry as the premier market research and testing group. Our staff is made up of industry professionals hailing from gambling centers around the world; including, Hong Kong (yours truly), Las Vegas, Monaco, London, Paris, The Bahamas, Berlin and Australia. From the very beginning, it has been our mission to scour the internet for the very best that the online casino industry has to offer. In order for an online casino to be considered for posting on our online casino portal, it must first undergo a battery of tests. Once an online casino is determined worthy, we will put together a thoroughly detailed review replete with information regarding its games, software, promotions, bonuses, VIP programs, customer support departments and more.

As a young child, my parents taught me how to play Mah Jongg and as I got older I quickly developed a taste for Baccarat and Poker. Upon finishing my university studies, I went to work at one of the larger Macau casinos, first as a dealer and later as a floor manager. I initially became aware of online casinos in 1999. I am a fairly serious Baccarat player and was researching gaming strategies online. Over the course of my research, I ran into a banner ad for an online casino and I have been playing ever since. Perhaps the best thing about online casinos is the convenience that they offer. Sometimes I want to get in a couple of hands of Baccarat or Blackjack but I just don’t have the energy to drive all the way to Macau. Now, with online casinos, all that I have to do is open my laptop and I am seated at a table and playing within seconds.

If you haven’t already played at an online casino, the first thing that will strike you as a member is the enormous number of games that they have on tap. Many online casinos will offer players a choice of well over 500 games. While my favorite game is Baccarat, I do like to try my luck with the occasional round of Slots. This is where online casinos truly shine; offering all of the classic Fruit Slots in addition to cutting-edge Video Slots that really take the game of Slots to a new level. Video Slots are 5 reel games with multiple paylines, lots of winning combinations and enormous jackpots that will often reach well into the 10s of millions of Hong Kong dollars. They will also incorporate cutting-edge animations, sometimes taking their theme from major motion pictures and popular television programs, in order to set the mood. Some of the more popular Video Slot titles include, Incredible Hulk, Dogfather, Mega Fortune, The Lord of the Rings, Dr. Love, Mid-Life Crisis, I.R.I.S. 3000 and Iron Man I & II. Alas, man cannot live on Slots alone! You will encounter all of the classic casino favorites at online casinos such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Pontoon and Pai Gow Poker in addition to countless variations on classic games. The variety doesn’t end there. You will also find plenty of Video Poker games such as Deuces Wild, 10’s or Better, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, All American and Joker’s Wild as well as a selection of other games; including, Keno, Bingo and a number of action-packed Arcade Games.

The true difficulty in finding the best online casinos for Hong Kongers lies in the sheer number of online casinos in operation. There are currently well over 2,500 online casinos in operation and it seems that their number grows with each passing day. While many online casinos will look quite similar, the truth is that they are not. There are enormous variations in quality amongst online casinos, as with anything else, and some of them are simply not appropriate for casino players from Hong Kong.

We take testing very seriously at Casinophiles and really roll up our sleeves and dig in. Our team boasts more than 70 years of experience in the gaming industry and enjoys an extensive knowledge of both the online casino and land-based casino industries.

In coming to a determination of which online casinos were the best for Hong Kongers, we had to take a number of parameters into consideration. The first parameter that we had to consider was the different banking options offered by the various online casino cashiers. Online casinos often focus their attentions on a specific market. The result is that some online casino won’t even offer Hong Kongers a means with which to make deposits and withdrawals. Without a means for Hong Kongers to transfer funds to and from the casino, a casino could not be considered for publishing.

Another pitfall related to the geo-targeted marketing of certain online casinos manifests itself in promotions. Online casinos will offer their members a variety of different promotions including tournaments, casino races, bonuses and prize draws. Prizes associated with promotions can run the gambit from Loyalty Point boosts to event tickets to luxury sports cars and even multi-million dollar cash prizes. Online casinos that focus their attention on a specific region will often offer promotions that are relevant for that particular region. For example, an online casino focusing on Germany might offer tickets to see a Lufthansa SG Berlin football club game or to the theatre in Berlin. Any Berliner would be more than happy with such prizes; however, the thought of paying HK$30,000 for travel and expensed in order to enjoy a HK$1,000 theatre ticket is simply absurd for us. All of the online casinos listed above offer prizes that Hong Kongers can really sink their teeth into.

With so many online casinos in the market, it stands to reason that there will be a few bad apples amongst the operators…and there most certainly are. This could pose a significant problem with new players that are unfamiliar with the ins-and-outs of the industry. We at Casinophiles have dealt with numerous online casinos and have attended countless industry-related conferences and the like. We are intimately familiar with all of the biggest and best respected operators in the industry. As such, you will find only online casinos backed by the most serious and trustworthy operators listed here. Moreover, we expect that any online casino posted on our site utilizes the most advanced Random Number Generators that are regularly tested by third party auditors to ensure that all game outcomes are truly fair and that they be licensed and registered under a respected national jurisdiction.

The most respected operators will incorporate all of the latest security protocols into their online casinos and this is an absolute necessity when looking at an online casino. As a member of an online casino, you will be required to provide them with private personal and financial information in addition to making regular transactions. In this respect, joining an online casino is very much the same as opening an account with a bank. Just as a bank utilizes the latest in firewall technology to protect their servers and advanced encryption technologies to secure their transactions, so should an online casino. You can be rest assured with all of the online casinos that made our list of the top Hong Kong online casino sites that your account information and transactions are as secure as they would be at any of the world’s largest and most respected banks and brokerage firms.

Having been employed at the best land-based casinos in the world, I have an intimate understanding of the level of customer service required. Whenever an issue arises with a player it is important to address the customer in a friendly and cordial fashion while attacking the problem like a storm trooper. Without players, a casino is nothing; as such, it is a casino’s priority to keep their players happy and happily playing. This attention to service is exactly what you should demand of the online casino that you join and this is exactly the attention to service that you will receive at any of the top 5 Hong Kong online casinos listed above.

There is truly nothing more convenient, exciting and enjoyable than being a member of an exceptional online casino. Incredibly massive gaming libraries, numerous progressive jackpots and fabulous value-added promotions are always just moments away.


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