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Do you know all australian online casinos?Nowhere in the world is the gambling culture as evolved as it is here in Australia. Our country is home to some truly incredible casinos such as the Star City Casino in Sydney and the Crown Casino in Melbourne. If you have ever had the desire to play a couple of rounds of Roulette or a couple of hands of Blackjack but didn’t have the time or energy to drive to the casino then you should consider joining an online casino. You will find all of the same games online with even better payout percentages. The following are the top 5 Australian online casinos in the industry.

While our country might be relatively short on population, studies show that Aussies gamble more per adult than anyone else on the planet. This makes the Australian market very attractive for the 2,500+ different online casinos currently in operation. While many of the online casinos seem similar, the fact is they are not. The quality of the different online casinos varies greatly and some should simply not be trusted with deposits. In addition, some of the online casinos aren’t appropriate for Australian players due to the payment methods that they accept and promotions that they offer. Finding a great online casino for Aussies amongst the sea of online casinos in the market would seem a daunting task. Well, it was.

Best online casinos in AustraliaIf you love playing at land-based casinos and have yet to play at an online casino then you are definitely in for a treat. Since online casinos are virtual casinos, they are not hindered by room sizes and real estate issues. Online casinos will often offer members a choice of hundreds of different games including all of the classic casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, American/European/French Roulette, Craps, Pontoon, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Caribbean Draw Poker and Keno. A large portion of most online casinos’ gaming libraries are dedicated to Slots. You will find all of the classic 3 reel Slots as well as next-generation Video Slots such as Marvel Slots with multiple paylines, progressive jackpots, great animations, bonus rounds, Free Spins and more. What’s more is that online casinos are regularly updating their gaming library with new and innovative games.

Casinophiles is the premier online casino portal in the industry and we have been online since 2004. Our staff, led by renowned Baccarat player Jean Pierre Glair, includes a group of serious industry professionals that are avid players both at the casino and online. It is our mission at Casinophiles to scour the internet for the latest online casinos and provide our readers with the most updated and thorough online casino reviews, casino promotions and bonuses, industry news, game reviews, strategy articles and more.

Testing all of these online casinos requires a great deal of playing, a cross that we bear with great pleasure. We begin by testing how long it takes to download the software and register an account. We will then test every aspect of the software as possible from game quality to ease of use. In the event that an online casino offers players a No Download/Flash Instant Play version of their casino then we will test that as well, primarily for speed. Only when an online casino passes our rigorous testing is it considered for posting and review on our portal. All relevant information regarding online casinos can be found in our reviews from games to promotions to customer support.

There were two aspects that we concentrated on initially when making our list of the top 5 Australian online casinos; payment methods and promotions.

We looked at payment methods first for the simple reason that if an online casino didn’t provide Aussies with acceptable payment methods then there was simply no reason to research it any further. A casino might offer dream cruises around the Caribbean, a AU$50,000 Welcome Bonus, massive cash prizes and monster jackpots but if you can’t make deposits or withdrawals then there really isn’t any point.

The next aspect that we took into consideration was the promotions offered by the different online casinos. This might seem somewhat trivial but, in truth, it is not. Promotions are not only used by online casinos to attract players, they also serve the purpose of giving back to players. Online casinos do not have the same overhead that land-based casinos have. A staff of less than 50 people could easily manage an online casino with over 500 games. A land-based casino hosting over 500 games would require a staff of thousands to run, not to mention restaurants hotel rooms and more. As such, online casinos will give back to their players in the form of higher payout percentages and value-added promotions. Many online casinos will focus their marketing on a particular country or region. As a result, their promotions will tend to be very geo-targeted. For example, an online casino targeting the UK might have promotions offering tickets to see a Manchester United match or to a poker tournament at the Fox Poker Club in London. While there is nothing wrong with these prizes, it makes no sense for someone from Melbourne to hop a plane to London in order to take advantage of a AU$100 poker tournament ticket.

Once an online casino was deemed acceptable for Aussies as regards the payment methods and promotions that they offered, we simply judged it according to the criteria that we use to judge all of the online casinos reviewed in our portal.

Any online casino that you eventually join must be managed by trustworthy operators. In the same way that you wouldn’t want your bank managed out of a dorm room at the University of Western Australia in Perth (not that I have anything against UWA) it is also important that the online casino that you join is operated in a trustworthy and professional fashion and has a solid reputation in the industry. You won’t find any boiler room-type operations associated with any of the online casinos listed on our portal. All of the online casinos listed in Cashinophiles are operated by well-established companies, some of which you will find traded publicly on various EU exchanges.

Being managed by well-reputed operators really isn’t enough. An online casino must also be licensed and registered. Without this, there really is no one to whom to turn to in the event of a dispute or worse. Again, we return to the bank example. In the same sense that you wouldn’t do business with a bank that wasn’t licensed or registered with a national authority, you shouldn’t do business with an online casino that is operating without a license. All of the online casinos on our list of the best Australian online casinos are fully licensed and registered.

While it might seem simple for an online casino to generate random results, it really isn’t. Online casinos utilize what is known as Random Number Generators in order to achieve fair and random results for their games. All of the online casinos listed on this portal utilize the most advanced RNGs available. We also require that their RNGs be audited regularly by third party laboratories.

When you get right down to it, the “meat and potatoes” of any online casino is its software. It is through the software that online casinos weave the illusion that you are stepping into an exciting land-based casino. Without the state-of-the-art graphics, sound and animation of the high end online casino software platforms, the experience is simply flat. All of the casinos listed here offer the best library of games with phenomenal effects and amazing design.

Bonuses make up a huge part of the marketing arsenal of online casinos. All online casinos will offer new members Welcome Bonuses and will continue to offer players Reload Bonuses and other bonuses over the course of their membership. The thing that people don’t often realize, at first anyway, is that all bonuses have wagering requirements associated with them. In other words, the casino will only release your bonus until you have wagered a certain amount of money. An online casino might offer what appears to be an incredible AU$10,000 Welcome Bonus but if the wagering requirements demand that you make AU$2,000,000 in wagers in order to release it then the Welcome Bonus isn’t quite as incredible as it first appeared. All of the casinos listed above offer their members a fantastic range of bonuses coupled with very relaxed wagering requirements.

Playing at an online casino requires that you entrust them with private personal information as well as sensitive financial information such as bank account and credit card information. It is imperative that an online casino secure all such information in the same manner that any financial institution or bank would. All of the private member information entrusted with the online casinos listed above is secured with the latest in firewall technologies. What’s more, all transactions made between players and the casinos are secured with 32 bit SSL encryption technology.

Customer support is the final piece of the puzzle. When it comes to customer service, you should expect the same level that you would demand at any high end land-based casino. There is money involved and it is important that all issues are addressed with a sense of urgency and a great deal of cordiality. All of the casinos that made our list of the 5 best Australian online casinos staff their customer support department with highly trained and courteous professionals that are available 24/7. Casino support will generally be offered via toll-free telephone, live chat and email.

As an Aussie, you can feel thoroughly confident in joining any of the fantastic Australian online casino sites listed above that you will enjoy the very best that the Australian online casino industry has to offer.
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